Movie Piracy Law in Indonesia

Pirated movie connoisseurs have a motto “if it’s free, why pay”, because they are lazy to pay monthly for legal films or buy films that have been licensed. That is because the Indonesian people still think that copyright infringement, especially downloading movies for free, is not a serious thing. There are still many people who do and do not realize that what they are doing violates the rights of Copyright holders. Public legal awareness about copyright is still low so that efforts to protect and enforce the law do not run optimally (Jurnal Meta-Juridis Vol. 2 no. 1).

Such as the case experienced by the pirated film site IndoXXI and 2,300 other illegal sites that were blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information (KOMINFO) in collaboration with the Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI). The result of this blocking is that around 55% of the viewing behavior of Indonesians on illegal sites has decreased in the last 10 months. They also reported that pirated download and streaming sites experienced a 68% decline from August 2019 to June 2020.

Many Indonesians don’t know about the side effects of accessing these illegal film websites. The theft of private data from pirated movie connoisseurs is a terrible thing if it happens to us. Our data will be disseminated around the world, and will lead to crime. Even though the people in Indonesia already know the prohibitions on watching pirated films, it is due to the side effects that are also dangerous for pirated movie lovers. However, with the community’s still low Intellectual Property Rights, pirated film connoisseurs are not concerned with the side effects of watching pirated films on illegal sites. Furthermore, ask law firm jakarta for more information.

Many Indonesian people are inexperienced in overcoming the side effects that will occur when watching pirated films from illegal sites. Not only that, the lack of knowledge and concern for the dangers of illegal download sites can threaten the safety of data from the connoisseurs of pirated sites. They are not ready to know the side effects that rarely occur in the community, making them unable to use social media properly.

At this time, the role of the millennial generation is needed to overcome the problems experienced by connoisseurs of pirated films. As the younger generation who are more aware of and familiar with technological developments, their role is in educating the public to people who do not understand the importance of respecting someone’s copyright, as well as providing awareness that intellectual property is the cornerstone of creative industry. We can also provide education about the importance of being careful in social media, the side effects of watching or downloading films from illegal sites, and articles relating to copyright and illegal copying of a work.

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